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Domoto Koichi

Handsome man Japanese Idol star Domato Kocichi of Asian

Koichi Domoto (堂本光一, Domoto Koichi, born January 1, 1979 in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) is a famous performing artist in Japan. He joined Johnny & Associates, a talent agency well-known for producing famous boy-band music groups such as SMAP, Tokio and Shonentai at the age of 12. His sister was a big fan of Noriyuki Higashiyama (member of Shonentai), and sent her brother's profile to Johnny's Agency.

He, together with Tsuyoshi Dōmoto formed the group temporarily called Kanzai Boya in 1993, and debuted officially as KinKi Kids in 1997 with their best-selling single Garasu no Shōnen (硝子の少年), or The Glass Boy. Though the two of them share a last name, they are not related. Another coincidence is that both of them come from an area in Japan called Kinki, the true inspiration for the name despite the double meaning to the English ear.
Name: 堂本光一
Name (romaji): Dohmoto Koichi / Domoto Koichi / Doumoto Koichi
Nickname: Prince
Profession: Actor, singer, talento, music composer and lyricist
Birthdate: 1979-Jan-01
Birthplace: Ashiya, Hyogo, Japan
Height: 167cm
Weight: 50kg
Star sign: Capricorn
Blood type: B
Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

Domoto  Koichi
Domoto  Koichi

Domoto  Koichi
Domoto  Koichi
Domoto  Koichi

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